Skin, Body, and Soul

At Soulemnly, we believe that emotional energy can only be released through an artistic performance, deep sincerity and a single mindedness of purpose. An honest commitment to help you feel your one’s best with compassion, empathy and love. ❤️

P u r i n a

An Incredible Experience

“As a massage and skin therapist, I have the honor and opportunity to help others through my practice, striving to earn and keep your trust by providing exceptional therapeutic services.”

Gris Gonzalez

Swedish Massage

Probably as he most common type of massage therapy. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles.

Hydrating Facial

Designed to provide deep hydration and stimulate the deep layers of your skin cells and tissue to boost collagen, elastin, and cell generation, while also exfoliating and encouraging blood flow to the skin.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue does not mean pain, it means we'll work slower, but deeper into the muscle, to break up adhesions (knots) and scar tissue.

Oxygen Infusion.

Specialized skin therapy treatment designed to replenish the levels of hydration in your skin while plumping and smoothing leaving you with a restored youthful appearance. The face isn't the only area that can benefit from Oxygen Infusion.

Hot Stone Therapy

Deeper muscle relaxation with the heat of basalt rocks, enjoy the warmth and soothing touch of hot stones and melt tension away.

We're clean touch certified

Our enhanced service safety standards ensure that our clients always receive a clean, safe treatment.

Your healthiest skin

Get insider access to Dermalogica’s tools, knowledge and skin care expertise — previously reserved for the pros, now available to you.

Our Clients Say

Alejandra Arguindegui Yoga Instructor

Very therapeutic and healing touch. Gris is kind, thoughtful and very professional. Every time I get a massage, I leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her.

Anna M. Flores Teacher

Loved my session! Never realized how much I needed this for my health!

Aileen M. Customs Broker

I have been a customer of Gris’s for over 9 years! I always recommend her massages and her facials. I always look forward to appointments.

AKF Casa Yoga instructor & Manager

I always felt like massages were just a luxury and a way to spoil myself, until I got one with Gris. She helped melt away all of the stress and tension that even daily yoga and workouts couldn't because she healed my muscles by helping them relax. Some massage therapists talk to you during the massage or don't realize how important the overall experience is. I'm here to say that Gris gets it. From start to finish, you feel transported into a cocoon of bliss. 10 Stars in my book.

Martha Mounetou Housewife

My appointments with Gris are my happy place. I am always looking forward to her massages and facials. Soulemnly is a very professional and nice place to go to. Gris always receives you with a smile and positive energy. I have been a loyal client for over 10 years.